Award-Winning Publicist/Producer with Vast Experience in Comedy
Seeks New Professional, Hollywood BFF

(I come with a dowery of completed, producible material and nose for finding gold in trends)


About Us:
We are a modern mix of Thelma and Louise, Lucy and Ethel, Laverne and Shirley – and capable of making extraordinary comic history with heart and better clothes. You know a good investment when you see one and I am clearly it. This is our meet cute. We become new BFFs and illuminate the town and world with female-centered, multi-racial, multi-generational characters and boatloads of laughter, sparkle and financial rewards.

About Me:
If Suzy Orman and Bette Midler had a love child, it would be me. Funny, capable, grounded middle aged working mom (former stand-up comedian) writer/award-winning publicist with abundant, completed comedy writing seeks new BFF for professional relationship. Excellent partner/team player (6 years on winning sailboat race team before I became a Mom and feared death) continuing 16 years of marriage, and plenty of therapy. Has soul of a mermaid, roar of a lion and mouth of sailor. Fueled by fountain Diet Coke, cocktails, and excessive amounts of drag queen level costume jewelry. Always reaches to do A+ job. Beam of light and laughter. Holds life and work together with good ole fashioned common sense, hard work ethic and two pairs of Spanx.

About My Match: Ideal match would be actress, producer, and/or showrunner with current production company deal searching for new comedy TV material. Experienced, grounded, seasoned, recognizes good work when in the presence of it and is willing to take a leap of faith, follow their instincts, and try something new and innovative. Able to get things done, wrestle projects into successful creation with gumption and grace.

If you, or someone you know, could be a potential match, let’s connect. Margot Black (323) 376-6787 – margot (at) blackinkpr (dot) com

P.S. I do have a manager and lawyer as often Hollywood required to read, discuss, chat. In past life before children, wrote a TV pilot that was sold twice and was represented by CAA. I promise I’m not a crazy stalker. Thanks for reading this far. 🙂








Marketing/Public Relations/Branding Writing:


If you would like to inquire about the possibility of working together for marketing or public relations campaigns via Black Ink PR please write to us at Margot (at) BlackInkPR (dot) com .


Hollywood/Entertainment Writing:

Want to get your hand on some of my other writing? I have several other completed projects and am happy to explore. Call me.

Margot Black

Logline – A young woman trying to seize control of her life loses her lovingly overbearing mom in a tragic accident and finds herself even more mothered by the dead woman’s spirit (as well as a few of her Moms new best friends).

Pilot and Bible complete.

Multi-racial/multi-generational, female lead.


Margot Black

Logline – Where’s My Award? A publicist strives to produce the perfect images of Hollywood fantasy for her celebrity clientele while battling the impossible logistics of a working mom.

Pilot and Bible complete.

Multi-racial/multi-generational, female lead.