Margot  Black is featured as a guest on “One Bad Mother” Podcast.    Show: One Bad Mother Guests: Margot Black Biz and Theresa ask if “parenting karma” is real and if just by saying something good is happening with sleep, eating, potty training….anything…you will JINX it and whatever was good will be bad. Just to be safe….let’s say it is true. Plus, Biz doesn’t know what actually is easier, Theresa’s

I’m on Story Worthy today, February 15! A show that shares “True stories from Hollywood’s most interesting talents”. I am both honored and mortified to share my brief stint as a stage mom story (it’s in my new book!!!). Everyone has their price…apparently mine was a Bentley, a paid college tuition, and a lifetime supply of Red Vines. Have a listen and let me know what yours is… Thank you

Dear Julia Child, I’m sorry. Love, Margot#wheresmyaward

This is why mom needs a margarita. #wheresmyaward Before After

From Julia Hello Ms. Margot!  I loved your book!  It was so funny and relatable! I am writing to tell you why I deserve an award.  Let’s call it the “Hastiest Escape from a Public Market” award. I too, am a work-from-home contractor and empathized with your mention of balancing working at home and keeping clients unaware of the chaos going on just outside my office.   To this, I trained