I’m on Story Worthy today, February 15! A show that shares “True stories from Hollywood’s most interesting talents”. I am both honored and mortified to share my brief stint as a stage mom story (it’s in my new book!!!). Everyone has their price…apparently mine was a Bentley, a paid college tuition, and a lifetime supply of Red Vines. Have a listen and let me know what yours is… Thank you

Dear Julia Child, I’m sorry. Love, Margot#wheresmyaward

This is why mom needs a margarita. #wheresmyaward Before After

From Julia Hello Ms. Margot!  I loved your book!  It was so funny and relatable! I am writing to tell you why I deserve an award.  Let’s call it the “Hastiest Escape from a Public Market” award. I too, am a work-from-home contractor and empathized with your mention of balancing working at home and keeping clients unaware of the chaos going on just outside my office.   To this, I trained